Here is an exercise for you to practice daily. This will assist your body, mind, and spirit. Knowing that we are our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and emotions, then saying these words, can help us let go and receive the best in life.

It is important that before you work with this affirmation you believe you deserve the best; because you do.

Well-Being Affirmation

“I release with love and light, any unwanted energies that are no longer serving my highest good on all levels of my existence.

I ignite the Divine White Light within and surround myself, diffusing with love, all things that may interfere with my well-being. I broadcast love, appreciation, and patience to all that surrounds me, including myself.

I thank the Universe and self for enshrouding me in the Divine White Light, healing me on every level of my being and protecting me so that I may emerge into an enlightened state of balance, love, and radiant health.”

Sit in silence, breathe, go deep within and feel, know, sense the true essence of who you are; Truth, Love, Light, and Oneness with all that is.

Originally featured in the February – March 2011 Issue of True Blue Spirit Magazine

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