Many Native American Cultures make use of the Vision Quest for finding your direction and purpose in life. As we go through different cycles in our journey, we may be given or ask for a Vision Quest for many purposes. For example:

Transition from Youth to Adulthood

Transition from Adulthood into Elder years Spiritual awakening – which assists in understanding the difference between living and being.

There is no restriction as to whom and when a person can experience a Vision Quest. Whenever there is a turning point in your life, a Vision Quest can help guide the way and also bring you your Spirit Animal, Spirit Guides, or other Spiritual teachers.

Webster’s Dictionary defines a vision as “Something seen in a dream, trance, or ecstasy, especially a supernatural appearance that conveys a revelation”.

You may experience your vision through any of the four senses:

  • Clairvoyance – vision through your mind’s eye or dream state
  • Clairsentience – your sense perceptions
  • Clairaudience – through your hearing perceptions
  • Claircognizance – your sense of ‘knowingness’

As well, your vision may come to you in symbols, colour, words, pictures, or a film like scene. These are all ways that our inner wisdom can communicate to us. At times you may not be able to fully comprehend what the messages are trying to reveal but through practice you will build a strong relationship with your inner wisdom. Journaling and practice help to enhance this relationship.

A quest is defined as a search with the purpose to find something. Someone who is on a Quest may seek to find an answer or an object – through vision, sense, auditory perception, research, and travel.

Below are a few more examples why one may choose to experience a Vision Quest to:

  • Find your own Strength
  • Receive guidance in a particular situation
  • Learn the answer to a specific question
  • Learn a truth to deal with a certain situation or challenge
  • Establish your Divine Purpose here on Mother Earth
  • Ask for the Gifts and Tools to be given for the healing of self and others

Apprentices of a Shaman or Spiritual Leader/Teacher may also be sent on a Vision Quest to learn Traditional ways as well as allowing their own gifts to develop. All Vision Quests are carefully determined by your intention, goals, and desires.

A Vision Quest may be experienced in a confided space (such as an igloo, teepee, or small space) or outside amongst the wilderness. In nature, healing can be magnified. This is because it’s easier to stay grounded, centered, still, clear, and focused.

Additionally, a Vision Quest can be offered in a group or individual setting. They may last hours or days and include fasting, silence, movement, meditations, walking, periods of isolation, assignments, and may other sacred ceremonies.

Persistence and patience is required. In attaining this state inner growth can flourish. And after the journey has ended, the healing and meaning of the vision can continue to unfold for days or even weeks.

Our mission is to provide a safe and loving space for you to explore your own Inner Self, connection to Source, and Spiritual growth.

It is through our healing transformation, both within ourselves and with others, that we all cane experience spiritual enlightenment and move positively forward in our lives. This will raise the vibration of Mother Earth and All that Is.

Originally published in True Blue Spirit Magazine – Issue June/July 2009

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