In all my being, from my heart I want to bring myself every moment & others to the awareness of the collective consciousness of thought. I believe from the beginning of time we have created our life, starting with our care givers involved, then later in life, ourselves with our Beliefs, thoughts, feeling, emotions, words and actions. Therefore I want to make an ever lasting contribution by paying attention to my thoughts and feelings toward myself and others; so that I may be a beautiful part of raising the collective consciousness of humanity and All that Is. I want to make this world a better place to live. Are you in on this amazing journey?

Great – here’s a way you can start. Gather all the thoughts you continue to have that are lowering your vibration, as well as those that are vibrationally shooting out into the universe’s collective consciousness, and do a full moon ceremony with them to let them go. This may be done in the day time as well as the evening. The Full moon energy is present during that day and night. Truly it is all about intention.

Personally I build a medicine wheel, but for your first time, let’s keep it simple. Build a sacred circle of rocks outside with a doorway in the west or east. Your intent and your thoughts going into it are most important. You’ll need a tea light candle, matches, burning shell, paper, pictures, pen, and any other sacred things you want to bring into the circle to build your centre altar of letting go. It is important to find it in your heart to also give gratitude for the past experiences, as you wouldn’t be the person you are today without them. If the trauma is still very fresh in your mind, you may not be able to have Gratitude at this moment – this is completely fine. As some people at this moment of reading this article may think “I don’t like who I am today, because of those past experiences.” This is a normal reaction for some and again may choose not to use the following phrase.

Lets start! State your intention of letting go of what no longer serves you while you collect the rocks to build your circle. When you enter this circle, sit in the middle with the altar in front of you, filling yourself with gratitude for the full moon’s energy. Also grateful for it’s assistance in helping you to let go of your old patterns and behaviours and forgiving those who have acted towards you. It is time to bring new loving thoughts into your life.

One by one (on individual pieces of paper) write down a name, situation, or event that is bothering you and ask for forgiveness and/or forgive the other and with the intent of letting it go. This also works with animals as well as people who have made transition to the other side as well. Write it down, burn over the candle, and put into the shell. Speak any other thoughts as it burns, saying them out loud to be heard by the energy of the spirit involved. Remember, thoughts travel. If your words were harsh then end it with “I just had to let that out, now I ask it to dissolve with love.” You are burning it so it doesn’t affect the universe.

We are all in this together, and sometimes it’s not easy. It may hurt, bring sadness, or may cause you pain of some sort. Let these unwanted feelings and emotions happen, be with them, and then let them go. Don’t hold on to them any longer as you don’t want to attract that which you do not want.

Bring yourself back into the world and decide to make a difference by helping someone else who now is going through what you have in the past. It might simply be a prayer for them. That will make a difference. Say: Thank you Grandmother Moon for your support and love, Grandfather Sun for your love and light, Mother Earth for your endless nurturing loving support, and foundation soils we performed our ceremony on, Father sky for your air we breathe – our medicine. Continue with your own prayer, speak from the heart. Remember be open to receiving love for yourself and others. Accept and appreciate yourself, as well as what you have, with gratitude.

This ceremony allows the Law of Attraction to start working in your favour. Let go, be well, and share your loving thoughts. Continue to raise the vibrations of yourself, Mother Earth, and All that Is. In my heart I speak out with love. We are all one in our collective consciousness journey.

Originally featured in the September – December 2011 Issue of EagleEyeONE Magazine

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