Cleansing with Nature to Raise your Vibration

Raising your vibration is a popular topic of conversation these days. Yet many people forget about one of the greatest healing forces right in front of our eyes – nature. The following techniques will assist you in raising your vibration … Read More

Raising the Vibration of Mother Earth

We all can heal and raise the vibration of others and ourselves; including Mother Earth and All that Is. With this growing awareness, many individuals are awakening to the loving, divine energies of the Universe. They may not fully understand … Read More

Ceremony Under the Full Moon

In all my being, from my heart I want to bring myself every moment & others to the awareness of the collective consciousness of thought. I believe from the beginning of time we have created our life, starting with our … Read More

Spiritual Bath Ceremony

Although North American culture tends to encourage us to be very conscious about keeping our physical bodies clean, there is little or no attention paid to our ‘other’ bodies. While water flows and rainbow bubbles surround us from the time … Read MoreRead More

Well-Being Affirmation

Here is an exercise for you to practice daily. This will assist your body, mind, and spirit. Knowing that we are our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and emotions, then saying these words, can help us let go and receive the best … Read More

Releasing Trauma

The moment we become aware of our unwanted inner feelings and emotions, we have made the first step to recognizing our split from our true authentic self. This recognition will allow us the opportunity to clear our past while creating … Read More

Vision Quest

Many Native American Cultures make use of the Vision Quest for finding your direction and purpose in life. As we go through different cycles in our journey, we may be given or ask for a Vision Quest for many purposes. … Read More

Drumbeat: Vibrational Medicine

The drum beat is the heart beat of Mother Earth, the Universe, and all that is. When you play with the drum it connects your Spirit to a level of unity with the Divine Source and your own Soul. A … Read More