Although North American culture tends to encourage us to be very conscious about keeping our physical bodies clean, there is little or no attention paid to our ‘other’ bodies. While water flows and rainbow bubbles surround us from the time we are small children, the other integral part of ourselves is generally neglected. I am speaking of our spiritual body. I believe you will discover, when that aspect of yourself also feels clean and refreshed, you will feel like a whole new person.

Everyone knows how to jump in the tub and scrub… but few understand how to proceed with a spiritual bath. Here is a starting point for you to begin.

First find a sacred space, ocean, cold lake, river, or water fountain to hold your ceremony. Then with intent to cleanse the Spirit and Soul, acknowledge and honour with gratitude the Creator (God/dess, Great Spirit, whoever your source is) and the healing forces of the Universe for your journey of all that is.

Then, express Appreciation and Honour with Gratitude for:

Both of Your Bodies (Physical and Light) to be spiritually bathed in the cleansing waters you’re about to merge with – water is our medicine.

Mother Earth and All that She Embodies: her loving soils, nurturing waters, breathtaking rock formations, food, shelter, and her land she so freely gives us permission to live on.

Father Sky: for the breath of air, our life force medicine.

Plant Realm: for cleansing our air and offering us food, shelter, protection, and tools.

Animal Realm: for the continuous and unconditional gifts of love, support, teachings, messages, and it’s nurturing Spirits.

The Sun, Moon and Stars: for the spirit and powers of their light and loving energies they shower us with every day of our journey.

All Directions, Elements, Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Ancestors, Spirit Keepers (Archangels), Angels, Helpers/Guides, Light Beings, and Higher Self for sharing this moment as we experience this spiritual bath; we connect with all of them in oneness.

Ask for Balance of the Feminine and Masculine Energies of Self as well as connecting to your heart as you now take the plunge into the cleansing waters.

We now cleanse ourselves of all that no longer serves our highest good, allowing acceptance of where we are in life and who we are; with honour, gratitude, appreciation, respect, faith, trust, love and light to all that is. Allow yourself to merge into an enlightened state of being, full of truth and understanding; with the intent that all unwanted energies enter the water that you bathe in with love and harmony as it all transformed into love. The waters will forever flow this loving energy to wherever it travels.

Give an offering of gratitude with sacred tobacco to Mother Earth and All that Is. Prepare to leave the water and shine your light for everyone to see.

Originally featured in the September – December 2011 Issue of EagleEyeONE Magazine

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