The moment we become aware of our unwanted inner feelings and emotions, we have made the first step to recognizing our split from our true authentic self. This recognition will allow us the opportunity to clear our past while creating a future we desire.

Feelings and emotions are energy, and this energy cannot just disappear. The emotional energy generated by the circumstances of our childhood and early life do not go away just because we are forced to deny it or choose to repress it in order to survive. If we don’t learn how to release emotion in healthy ways, it will explode outward or implode back in on us. Eventually, repressed emotion can bring about other problems such as mental or physical illness. Often, we will use excessive food, anorexia, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, overwork, extreme exercise, or other obsessive or harmful behaviors.

Our bodies are much like a computer. The organs, glands, muscle, tissue, along with cells in the body act as a file. These files may contain events and memory from before we were born up to the present. The memories may range from not being allowed to cry or laugh (which can have a major effect, causing us to repress our true emotions), to memories of abuse and trauma in many forms; causing us to remain in fight/flight self-defense mode affecting us mentally, physically, chemically, and spiritually.

There are only two emotions that run our lives, fear-based emotion or love-based emotions.

With this awareness, we can seek ways to release from our body, mind, and spirit the effects of unwanted beliefs, thoughts, feeling, emotions, and past trauma.

Tapping into our conscious and subconscious mind allows us to reconnect with our authentic self.

Originally featured in the January 2010 Issue of EagleEyeONE Magazine

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