We all can heal and raise the vibration of others and ourselves; including Mother Earth and All that Is. With this growing awareness, many individuals are awakening to the loving, divine energies of the Universe. They may not fully understand what is happening, but they can still feel or sense a change in themselves. This change may bring more challenges with volatile events, behaviours, and situations.

It is the igniting of the Divine light within and healing energies around us that are bringing about these changes, allowing the dark side (ego) to surface and turn to the light. Forgiveness of all involved including the self, if we feel the need, enables us to release the unwanted energies and behaviors that have been holding us back. This allows the individual to be more balanced and open to allow the Divine energies in.

Individuals who have sought enlightenment for years may experience a shift to calmness, peace, and love because they have been dedicated tow working for many years with love, in the preparation of the new energies that have been coming for the past 20 years. These individuals have been preparing us for 2012 (The New World). They have been working energetically to assist us all in this shift. It is essential to keep the body, mind, and spirit cleanse, grounded, and balanced.

We must get away from the Old World vision in which individuals remain living in fear of the unwanted events, relationships, and situations that are created by their beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions that ultimately leave them unsatisfied.

The New World will be characterized by loving, peaceful, and joyful events showing up in people’s daily realm; as they think, speak, react, and feel the love based emotion of the heart. There will always be unwanted events and situations in our lives; however the task at hand is to remain positive by focusing on the present and visualizing the beautiful outcome of a situation which will unfold the way it was meant to be. Acceptance of all that is occurring, without judgment, will assist us in staying connected to our Divine light. We must continue to honour with gratitude the amazing, magical, divine energies within and around us that are assisting us every day. These gifts give us the opportunity to work by channeling these energies so that we heal and balance ourselves; then we can send them out to others and all that is.

Note: We know, for some, it’s been a difficult transformational time lately; so remember to stay grounded, hydrated, well nourished with healthy food, surrounded with a protecting light of your choice, and remember to nurture yourself everyday with acceptance and unconditional love.

Here is a link to a ceremony to assist in channeling loving, healing energies of the Universe to all that we focus on. It is a gift that we can all open up by choice, a new journey for those we read this article of commitment to sharing all that we have learned in the divine light and love of source (God/dess, Creator) higher self, universe, and All that Is.

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