Long Term Energy Medicine Light Worker/Healer Program

Cross-Cultural Shamanic Teachings

with Reiki Masters / Teachers Certificate

Notice: Workshops & Programs
Cheryl has made a commitment this year, 2017, to take time off from teaching workshops and programs so that she can focus on assisting people in balancing their body, soul, spirit, and mind – transforming their lives through one on one appointments as well as group healing.
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One-of-a-kind program designed for Light workers / Healers and individuals searching to make a difference in their life and the lives of others while raising the vibration of Mother Earth, the Universe, and All that Is. This extensive program will awaken the power within so that you may live and work from the heart, connect to the source, and finally have a feeling that you belong.

Includes Certifications in The Energy Medicine Lightworkers/Healers Program and Reiki Master/Teachers Certificate.

In addition, Crystal Chakra Balancing, Shamanic Energy Healing, Sound and Color Therapy, Crystal Grids, Past-Life Regression, Traditional Native and Inter-Dimensional Energy Balancing healing modalities will be offered and much more.

  • Shamanic Energy Healing with drums, feathers, rattles, oils, crystals/gems, wands, meditations, sound, colour, medicine wheels & making medicine bags
  • Drum Journeys – finding your power animal, and healing journeys
  • Sacred Ceremonies with Spiritual Bathing, full / new moon, and property clearing
  • Past life Regression (possibly past lives for those who believe in past lives)
  • Getting in touch with your Inner Wisdom, Guardian Angels (Spirit Keepers and Guides)
  • Crystal Chakra Balancing with pendulums and wands
  • Deep Emotional Release Technique – releasing old belief, emotions, feelings and less than loving behaviors
  • Reiki / Shamanic Drumming
  • Reiki Masters / Teachers Certificate
  • Breath Work and Meditation

This program includes a variety of energy healing:

Reiki and Shamanic healing, working with Creator/God/dess, Higher Self, Angels, Archangels (Spirit Keepers) Ascended Masters, Grandfathers, Grandmothers, and all healing forces of the Universe. Participants will learn to work with hands on and long distance techniques, visualizing color with breath work, sound healing, meditation, prayer, along with healing tools: the traditional native drum, rattles, feathers, cedar, nature, oils, symbols, Reiki grids, a crystal wand, and pendulum. Working with energy you will learn how to raise your vibration to create balance.

Letting go of unwanted beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions that are not serving your highest good and rediscovering your divine spirit. These are some of the techniques taught in this program. This will assist you in understanding that you are the one you have been looking for (look within). There is no need to go outside of yourself to find love, harmony, and peace.

This program will also teach you…

How to do past life regressions, experience many sacred ceremonies, medicine wheel, drum journeys, how to find your power animal through drum journeys, soul retrievals, balance the chakras through meditations and deep emotional release techniques and so much more.

While an extensive knowledge of anatomy is not necessary to become an Energy Light Worker, there is a requirement in this program to understand and have knowledge of the major organs and glands (indocrine system) of the body, as well as the aura, and chakras 1 through 12. Awareness of diet, exercises and meditation to raise your vibrations to keep the body healthy and balanced are taught in each class.

Every class will hold meditations and grounding techniques.

Not all meditations work for everyone. People can be Clairvoyant (seeing), Clairsentient (feeling), Clairaudient (hearing), or Claircognizent (knowing). Each ability requires different styles of learning. We will work with Great Spirit (God–dess/Creator) The Spirit Keeper, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Third eye attunements will be done and you will learn how to do this for others.

Grounding techniques which are crucial to remaining balanced and focused throughout the day. Find out the key things you need to do to remain grounded, balanced, protected and focused. Without this information you may find yourself too sensitive to other people’s energies as well as to the heavy energy in the environment around you. This can cause illness, depression or anger, frustration, sadness or other emotions that may not be your own. Every individual has their own unique vibration and frequencies that need to be honored and more connected to Mother Earth in order to experience a journey filled with love, joy and peace.


  • Clear Unwanted Energies with symbols, prayer, rattles, drums, feathers, and smudges made of different herbs and plants
  • Balance All the Chakras with crystals, pendulums, wands, drums, colour meditation, breath work, sound, and hands-on healing
  • Past-Life Regression techniques to heal present challenges
  • Work with energy to Raise their Own Vibration and create balance in their life
  • Work with the Law of Attraction to change their life through intention and positive thought

You are your beliefs and thoughts, so changing old ways of negative thinking will be taught all the way through the program with innovative and fun techniques.

The Law of Attraction is part of this program and you will learn how to use the power of your thoughts to attract a more balanced, healthy, happy and prosperous life.


Applicants are required to fulfill 161 in-class hours and 68 practicum hands-on healing hours to graduate from the program. Students will have completed 68 treatments giving them the confidence in opening up their own business. Study and application of all healing methodologies are 229 hours in total.


This Long Term Program may be gracefully structured to suit your community’s needs as a 2 year program. Call for agenda if out of province or country. Call for More Information. Call 250-652-5849
$4,699.00 + $234.95 GST (Total: $4,933.95)


  • Beautiful Crystal Pendulum
  • 7 Chakra Gemstones
  • Quartz Crystal Wand
  • Sacred Smudge
  • Feather
  • 2 Reiki Manual Books from Wiliam Lee Rand
  • 4 Anthakarana Symbols
  • A healing grid
  • Reiki I, II, II, & Master/Teacher’s Certificates
  • Deck of Angel Cards
  • Course Material
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  • Paypal
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    Available Appointments on February 28, 2018

    long distance group healing  7:00 pm12 spaces available


    Photo links below represent Cheryl’s currently available services, ceremonies, and workshops. Many workshops for 2017 are currently on hold, join Cheryl’s newsletter to keep up to date with everything she has to offer.

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    Treatments with Cheryl

    Join Cheryl over the phone for a one-on-one treatment.

    Healing Nature Walks

    A Transformational day – cleanse of Body, Mind, & Soul.

    Full/New Moon Ceremonial Walks

    If we have unsettling and unwanted thoughts, feeling, or emotions – we need to let them go. The perfect way to do this is under the full moon.

    Long Distance Healing Ceremony

    Join Cheryl and her energetic team in their monthly long distance group healing ceremonies

    Energetic House Cleansing

    Ut dapibus mi a dolor

    One Day Healing Ceremony

    This workshop is like receiving 4 treatments in one day!

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    Working with Cheryl Dawn and A Journey with Your Spirit is an experience you will always remember!

    We invite you to experience our workshops and one-on-one healing to take control of your life, and release everything that is not serving your higher self.

    "Cheryl's treatments over the phone were surprising to me that they worked so well. I was able to take control of my emotions and be able to step out of depression within three treatments. I was able to take myself slowly off medication. She gave me techniques to use every day for when my negative emotions surface. I love and thank Cheryl Dawn so much."
    NadyaOne-on-One Client
    Duncan, BC
    "Cheryl was able to assist me with the loss of my husband, moving sadness and grief I carried for so long. This grief was transformed to loving memories and gratitude for all the years I shared with him. I am grateful to have moved on with the help of Cheryl's treatments."
    RoseOne-on-One Client
    Edmonton Alberta
    "Cheryl intuitively knew about the health issues I was struggling with and generously offered her help. Three short healing sessions with Cheryl did more for me than years of mainstream medicine. I felt awakened into the new me. I highly recommend her."
    AnneOne-on-One Client
    Vancouver, BC
    "I first became aware of Cheryl Dawn through a friend whose judgment I highly trusted. My friend told me about this mind blowing treatment she had received called Deep Emotional Release; I knew I had to try it. This treatment was like none other than I’d had received before. A few weeks later after processing it and seeing gratifying results directly related to what I had learned from Cheryl during the treatment. I booked an appointment for my son who was equally impressed. We are so grateful for the healing."
    Sasha BrownOne-on-One Client
    Energy Healer
    Port Alberni, BC
    "I learned so much about myself through Cheryl’s treatments. I thought I was never going to be normal, as I had so many medical labelled conditions and found out that my beliefs and feelings about myself were causing a lot of them. Why I say that is because they disappeared. Cheryl you are magic. I know you are going to say I am magic too. You’re the best."
    Cheryl B.One-on-One Client
    Edmonton Alberta
    "Everything in my life’s journey has now come together and my connection with Cheryl Dawn is a significant part of this. When I get a healing or I attend her workshops, I receive healing of the body, mind and spirit and I know I am home."
    GayleEnergy Healer,
    Sidney, BC
    "I was able to move forward and grow stronger after each session and gain a greater understanding of the catharsis I was going through.. I am not so sure I would still be on this planet if it were not for Cheryl's healing and empowerment."
    JanineOne-on-One Client
    Kelowna, BC