The drum beat is the heart beat of Mother Earth, the Universe, and all that is. When you play with the drum it connects your Spirit to a level of unity with the Divine Source and your own Soul.

A vibrational medicine, the drumbeat energetically balances your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Working with the aura through sound is the key to healing the body, mind, and spirit.

The drum beats gently, re-balancing your chakras within your physical and light body. This is how we tap into the higher frequencies, which allow us to heal and release blockages that cause destructive behaviors, such as: frustrations, chronic illnesses, and depression. Tapping into these frequencies will also assist us in reaching enlightenment.

There are two drums we heal with. The first is made with natural hide of a deer, elk, moose, horse, etc. If using the natural hide drums, many of them must be heated in order to create the customary clear vibrational sound required for healing purposes.

The other is synthetic. Some people would rather use the synthetic alternative, which has an equally powerful healing effect. One benefit of a synthetic drum is you never need to heat it up before you use it for a drum journey or healing session. it also has a softer vibration, which can create a soothing flow of acceptance during the journey.

When we drum for healing, the drum is eight inches away from he body leaving some people with life changing experiences and other with a deep relaxation which promotes harmony and peace in their daily lives.

In our culture, we honor every part of the animal we hunt; eating the meat and using the hides for many ceremonial instruments and clothing. We pray and honor the animal for the life it has given and for it’s safe journey into the spirit world.

Drumming is more powerful when the drummer is taught how to call in the Spirits of all directions and Healing forces of the Universe to create a sacred space.

With love and light may we heal and raise the Vibration of Mother Earth and All that Is.

Originally featured in the February – March 2009 Issue of True Blue Spirit Magazine

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