Long Distance Healing Ceremony

Notice: Workshops & Programs
Cheryl has made a commitment this year, 2017, to take time off from teaching workshops and programs so that she can focus on assisting people in balancing their body, soul, spirit, and mind – transforming their lives through one on one appointments as well as group healing.
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Maintain well-being – try our Bi-Weekly sessions for a low price of $25 per session.

Cheryl is now offering Distance Group Healing Ceremonies as a lower cost option for your health and well-being with powerful and profound results. Experience these monthly/bi-weekly sessions while you’re relaxing in the comfort of your home.

Our Distance Group Healings are a great way to maintain your emotional, spiritual, and physical well being — like an energetic multivitamin. Cheryl works on the Charkas, Aura, and much more to assist you in releasing emotions and feelings that are affecting your physical and emotional well-being.

We have received wonderful feedback from clients who describe feeling light, grounded, happier, a sense of peace and relaxation, and notice their aches and pains disappear. People have reported that difficult situations in their work life have diffused, and they can feel more positive energy around them, and self employed people say that they have a better flow of attracting clients and more business.

The true power of this healing comes from within – you allow the healing to take place as Cheryl guides the process. Not only is this a profound healing for self, if is also a healing directed by Cheryl to Mother Earth and All that Is. This is HUGE!

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These sessions are wonderful for maintenance to keep you feeling your absolute best, but are not a replacement when a full over the phone treatment is needed. For best results, keep these Group Long Distance Healings as a part of your regular health and wellness routine, a multivitamin only works long term if you continue taking it.

If you cannot make the designated time below, there is an option to ask for the energetic healing envelope to be opened when you are ready. Further information available upon registration & payment.

SPECIAL PRICE: $25.00 + 2.25 GST (Total: $26.25)
Cheque or eTransfer (Preferred)

Please register below to reserve your spot for the next ceremony, payments are accepted through registration.


Wednesday,  June 28th, 2017
7:00pm -8:00pm
Register below by Reserving your “Appointment”


Available Appointments on May 31, 2017

long distance group healing  7:00 pm12 spaces available

Online Registration - How it Works

Registration for a Long Distance Group Ceremony is currently up and running on the website. Clicking on available dates above will allow you to register.

There is a one-time registration through our system when you sign up for your first appointment, and then you will be saved into our system so that future appointment booking is easy – by username and password login.

As you follow through the registration process, our system will give you an option and instructions for the payment method of your choice: Check, eTransfer, or PayPal. Because this ceremony is so affordable, we are asking participants to pay with Check or eTransfer, to avoid the 3% fee that PayPal assesses.

Booking your appointment through our online system means you will immediately be added to our list of participants, and receive a confirmation of your registration. Once your payment is received, by Cheryl, you will automatically be emailed a download link with important preparation information. If check is in the mail or eTransfer is being processed you will not receive this prep sheet until payment is received by Cheryl. We recommend sending payment as soon as possible, so you can receive this important prep sheet in advance.

Thank you for your time and patience in learning this new booking system with us.

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Photo links below represent Cheryl’s currently available services, ceremonies, and workshops. Many workshops for 2017 are currently on hold, join Cheryl’s newsletter to keep up to date with everything she has to offer.

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Treatments with Cheryl

Join Cheryl over the phone for a one-on-one treatment.

Healing Nature Walks

A Transformational day – cleanse of Body, Mind, & Soul.

Full/New Moon Ceremonial Walks

If we have unsettling and unwanted thoughts, feeling, or emotions – we need to let them go. The perfect way to do this is under the full moon.

Long Distance Healing Ceremony

Join Cheryl and her energetic team in their monthly long distance group healing ceremonies

Energetic House Cleansing

Ut dapibus mi a dolor

One Day Healing Ceremony

This workshop is like receiving 4 treatments in one day!

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Working with Cheryl Dawn and A Journey with Your Spirit is an experience you will always remember!

We invite you to experience our workshops and one-on-one healing to take control of your life, and release everything that is not serving your higher self.

"Cheryl's treatments over the phone were surprising to me that they worked so well. I was able to take control of my emotions and be able to step out of depression within three treatments. I was able to take myself slowly off medication. She gave me techniques to use every day for when my negative emotions surface. I love and thank Cheryl Dawn so much."
NadyaOne-on-One Client
Duncan, BC
"Cheryl was able to assist me with the loss of my husband, moving sadness and grief I carried for so long. This grief was transformed to loving memories and gratitude for all the years I shared with him. I am grateful to have moved on with the help of Cheryl's treatments."
RoseOne-on-One Client
Edmonton Alberta
"Cheryl intuitively knew about the health issues I was struggling with and generously offered her help. Three short healing sessions with Cheryl did more for me than years of mainstream medicine. I felt awakened into the new me. I highly recommend her."
AnneOne-on-One Client
Vancouver, BC
"I first became aware of Cheryl Dawn through a friend whose judgment I highly trusted. My friend told me about this mind blowing treatment she had received called Deep Emotional Release; I knew I had to try it. This treatment was like none other than I’d had received before. A few weeks later after processing it and seeing gratifying results directly related to what I had learned from Cheryl during the treatment. I booked an appointment for my son who was equally impressed. We are so grateful for the healing."
Sasha BrownOne-on-One Client
Energy Healer
Port Alberni, BC
"I learned so much about myself through Cheryl’s treatments. I thought I was never going to be normal, as I had so many medical labelled conditions and found out that my beliefs and feelings about myself were causing a lot of them. Why I say that is because they disappeared. Cheryl you are magic. I know you are going to say I am magic too. You’re the best."
Cheryl B.One-on-One Client
Edmonton Alberta
"Everything in my life’s journey has now come together and my connection with Cheryl Dawn is a significant part of this. When I get a healing or I attend her workshops, I receive healing of the body, mind and spirit and I know I am home."
GayleEnergy Healer,
Sidney, BC
"I was able to move forward and grow stronger after each session and gain a greater understanding of the catharsis I was going through.. I am not so sure I would still be on this planet if it were not for Cheryl's healing and empowerment."
JanineOne-on-One Client
Kelowna, BC