Raising your vibration is a popular topic of conversation these days. Yet many people forget about one of the greatest healing forces right in front of our eyes – nature.

The following techniques will assist you in raising your vibration and also add to the collective consciousness to help raise the vibration of All that Is. It starts with you.

• Walking, breathing in the fresh air as you ask the healing forces to cleanse and sweep you off. Enjoy what nature has to offer, it is amazing in itself.

• Find a tree that is calling out to you; ask if it will assist you with your healing. Listen to your thoughts for the answer. If it is a yes, hug the tree with the intent to balance your entire bodies (physical and light).

Imagine the tree is pulling out unwanted feelings, emotions, and any other blockages or contaminated energy from you. Request the old energy turn into love so it will not contaminate Mother Earth. Let go of fear and talk to the tree about how you are feeling, It will take these energies, and gently give them to Mother Earth for her to process into love.

I encourage you to do this, no matter how funny you think it looks. People worry so much about what others think. Yet have you ever thought of what you look like when you’re heavy with unwanted energy? Your body language and  facial expressions  from your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, do  change your aura and energetically emanates these energies all around your being. Some people sense it and ‘know’ when to stay away while others, resonating at the same level, are attracted to you. That is ‘the mirror’ everyone talks about – people reflecting what you radiate, whether subconscious or conscious. So which would you prefer: attracting what you don’t want or hugging a tree with the intent to let go of what no longer serves you?

One of the most toxic energies in the universe is created by the negative thoughts and emotions we carry. Try to be conscious of those emotions and reverse them immediately. Change your fear based thoughts to loving ones. Find the good in your life, focus on that instead, and your vibration will rise upward.

The tree and nature spirits will teach you something—be still, silent, with gratitude as you receive what nature has to offer. Pay attention to thoughts that come through and don’t be shocked if it is the same thought you have already been having. It may have been a message from  your inner wisdom all along.

Offer a prayer of gratitude, tobacco or corn meal for the healing process to the tree and Mother Earth.

With love and light, thank yourself for healing yourself as this makes a difference to others around you and raises the vibration of Mother Earth, the Universe and All that Is.

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